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October 21, 2010

The Huffington Post on "Back to Mac"

The Huffington Post created a slideshow of Tweets and reaction on the Apple event yesterday..

You can read+view the slideshow here..

Oh, and my photo books tweet is on there too.. Thank god they didn't the one where I come clean about my love for Glee.. Oh well..

October 20, 2010

Back To Mac - Thoughts..

Well, my toned down ambitions seem to work pretty well.. Am actually happy with the results of the event, though a bit gloomy on the little Mac Os Lion offers.. I know, I already set my expectations low, but I guess "if it's not broken, and ahead of competition, why even fix it".. right?

All and all, let's just say that my wallets might take a bit of financial consideration when the good stuff comes out..

Back to Mac - Warm Up..

taken from CSMonitor

Tonight, right around 8:00 pm local time, Apple will host their "Back to Mac" event.. After the previous events, where many were more familiar with iOS than OS X, this is the first Apple mac-centric event in a while, and if you ask me, the predictions to what you should expect is pretty narrow..

Make the jump to know why..

a Little Introduction..

Away from all the updated blogs, and away from the flood of tech news that might be a bit overwhelming, I chose a path none choose to venture.. (maybe because none is as lazy as I am, technically)

So, this is that blog that gives you the jest of one week in tech, and of course, anything that i come across that's worth sharing.. Maybe a couple of tutorials here and there, and who knows, I might be on to something..

Anyways, i'll stop posting my regular TechUpdates and technology-related LinkShares on my original blog, and i'll put them here.. So, bookmark me, if you know what's best for you..

Not a threat, always a suggestion..